Blanq of Kintargo

A half-elf of questionable morals.


Even for a half-elf Blanq is particularly androgynous. This peculiar look is accompanied by the classic fair features common to full-blooded elves, this being – pale skin, snow-white hair, and a vaguely aquiline bone structure.
Blanq, desiring to remain inconspicuous, wears the sturdy (albeit plain fashioned) garb seen on the ‘rough’ types which frequent Kintargo’s underbelly. This mercenary look is offset by the half-elf’s fair features and quiet, nearly timid, demeanor. Sheathed at Blanq’s hip is a delicate scimitar, opposite of which hangs a squat, leather-bound, tome. This pairing of travel-worn spellbook and well-cared-for scimitar is a clear signal of Blanq’s area of expertise.


The group knows relatively little of Blanq’s history.
From the first day of the group’s arrival, and meeting in Aria Park, it was apparent that Blanq was familiar with the city. He himself would confirm this, mentioning his childhood on the streets of Kintargo. However, past such discussions the magus’ history is unknown.

- Childhood in Kintargo
- Fanatically loyal to idea of Silver Ravens
- Cruel and sadistic when given opportunity

- What is up with Blanq’s fascination with the Silver Ravens?
- Where was Blanq trained to become a magus?

Blanq of Kintargo

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