This hideous woman is Barzillai Thrune's personal bodyguard.


With milk-white eyes, pale maggot-skin, and a constant sneer – Nox is certainly an ugly duckling. The woman is built like a truck. A truck clothed in black banded-mail sporting a wicked glaive. The only indication of Nox’s allegiance is a small golden Thrune brooch pinned to her tunic.
Nox typically smelled of sulfur and broken dreams.


Little is known of Nox. Kintargans came to recognize her as Barzillai Thrune’s personal guard. As such, and incredulously more-so than her boss, Nox is generally reviled by the commonfolk of the Silver City. She herself having spearheaded many of the raids that lead to the Night of Ashes.
On the 13th of Sarenith Nox was slain by the Silver Ravens, with assistance from Jackdaw Bainilus.


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