Discovering Kintargo

Diplomacy (Gather Information)
You can use Diplomacy to gather information about a specific topic or individual, which can take several hours depending on the question asked. This check reflects the character choosing a sensible area (or strategy) for gathering information, and depending on the circumstances some checks will always fail.
To find specific information on a faction you must have some sort of clue or in-game lead before making a gather information check. For instance, you must at least know the name of a faction to ask about it.

For every +5 DC above 10, add +1 hour to the time it takes to gather information.

  • DC 10 – Receive trivial information about topic, such as – directions, names, etc.
  • DC 15 – Gather general information about a specific organization.
  • DC 25 – Receive a yes/no answer to specific queries regarding known NPCs.
  • DC 30 – Discover the existence of a specific secret organization, powerful NPCs, and secret locations.

Knowledge (Local – Kintargo)
Roll to see if you’re aware of any local legends, personalities, inhabitants, laws, customs, traditions, humanoids, or other relevant regional information. Knowledge (Local) can be used to learn of local Kintargan factions-

  • DC 10 – Know local laws, rulers, and popular locations.
    (All players with ranks in knowledge-local can have ask for a list of notable Kintargan locations – it’s quite long.)
  • DC 15 – Know a common rumor, folklore, or local tradition.
  • DC 20 – Know the existence of hidden organizations, rulers, and locations.
  • DC 30 – Know the existence of secret organizations, rulers, and locations.

Discovering Kintargo

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