Kintargo - The Silver City

CG large city
Corruption +0; Crime –2; Economy –1; Law +4; Lore +0; Society –2
Qualities academic, cultured, defiant, rumormongering citizens, strategic location
Danger +20; Disadvantage martial law

Government overlord (formerly autocracy)
Population 11,900 (10,115 humans, 476 halflings, 357 tieflings, 119 half-elves, 108 catfolk, 725 other)

Barzillai Thrune, paracount and acting lord-mayor of Kintargo (male human inquisitor)
Corinstian Grivenner, senior prelate of Asmodeus (male human cleric of Asmodeus)
Iylvana Desdoros, headmaster of Alabaster Academy (female half-elf transmuter)
Jilia Bainilus, ex-lord-mayor (female human wizard 9; whereabouts currently unknown)
Carrick Vyre, paralictor of the Order of the Rack (male human Hellknight)
Octavio Sabinus, lictor of the Order of the Torrent (male human Hellknight)
Shensen, beloved diva (female half-elf bard; whereabouts currently unknown)
Tombus Regegious, leader of militia (male human rogue)
NOTE: You may attempt a DC 20 Knowledge (Local) check to know the level and classes of specific NPCs.

Base Value 4,400 gp;* Purchase Limit* 25,000 gp;
Spellcasting 4th*
Minor Items 2d4; Medium Items 1d4; Major Items 1d2
NOTE: Government officials have easy access to 6th-level spells, and can arrange for up to 9th-level spells, given time.

Cultured Kintargo is well known for its culture of artistry, particularly among actors, musicians, and patrons of the opera. (Law –1, Society +1; always counts as a prosperous city for the purposes of Perform checks)
Defiant The citizens of Kintargo have a natural predilection for free thinking that borders on rebellious action. (Law –1, Society +1)
Martial Law As long as Kintargo remains under martial law, a 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew is in effect.
Additionally, as long as the citizens must follow the edicts and proclamations put in place by House Thrune, the city stifles and suffers. (Corruption –4, Crime –2, Economy –4, Law +2, Lore –4, Society –4; Danger +10; halve all values for Marketplace entries)

Lord-Mayor Thrune quickly started issuing binding proclamations to Kintargans, enacting seven in his first two weeks alone. This includes a daily curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

  1. The dottari rewards those who kill doves, mice, and ravens with one copper piece.
  2. Businesses must display a portrait of Queen Abrogail II, at least 11 inches by 17 inches # in size, prominently in the building’s entrance.
  3. The dottari rewards those who deliver unharmed feral dogs of 50 pounds or more with one silver piece.
  4. Wearing fine embroidered clothing without the city’s permission is banned, except for agents of House Thrune or the church of Asmodeus.
  5. Spilled grain must be cleaned and repackaged within an hour or face a fine of one copper piece per grain.
  6. Drinking tea after curfew results in a fine of 10 gold pieces or incarceration.
  7. Owning or consuming confections or beverages containing mint results in a fine of 20 gold pieces or incarceration.

Kintargo - The Silver City

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