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Faith on the Frontier

The laws governing faith are few and far between on the frontier. The fringes of the empire have long been the home of lawless dissidents and heretics.
Cult of the Weave
malcontents. As such, apostles These mendicant priests exist on the fringes of the Empire in peace with diverse populaces of the frontier, free of the overbearing eye of their more zealous orthodox brethren in the Empire.

_’… We shall pluck the heathen from the earth like the Gardner doth pluck the weed. For those who offend thee eye of the Lord will burn

People of all faiths have been united under the glory of the Morninglord, Lord of Brilliance. The deity once known as Lathander has assumed (or consumed, as some would say) the portfolios of several greater deities once-worshipped across the Realms: Kossuth, the Firelord, first challenged the Lord of Morning for his crown. Once defeated, the Lord of Flame yielded to Lathander’s perfection. Lathander, now infused with passions of the Firelord, has united many widespread nations of mankind under his banner. Gond, the Lord of Artifice, would later enter into a pact with the Sunlord, resulting in the unification between divinities, creating the Lord of Brilliance.
The faith of the Brilliant One is supreme above all other deities, beings which are no longer publicly worshipped. They may be revered of course; denial of the philosophies of the ancients would be tyrannical. Unity under the Brilliant One has brought a golden age upon the Empire of the Sun, a blessing to its many peoples.
Adherents of the Faith count the writings of Great Prophet Merle as scripture; his Book of the Noon-Sun is their holiest of texts. In this text it outlines the great beliefs of the churches of Kossuth and Gond, as translated into the orthodox faith of Lathander.
Unorthodox believers are virtually nonexistant anymore. These heretics say that Lathander ceased to be upon his bonding with Kossuth, and that this incarnation is not deserving of their worship.
Backwater falls outside of the purview of the Empire, but humans everywhere revere the Brilliant One as their god – as such the clergy of the God has allies in many places. Only the elves, and other barbarians who have forsaken the Light, worship many gods as of now. What’s worse, elves who forsake their native traditions are branded as outsiders – exiles amongst all people.


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