Faiths of the Realms

Gods and Goddesses of the Realms

The portfolio of a deity is that god’s purview, or sphere of influence, as related to the mortal world the, Prime Material Plane. Activities related to a god’s portfolio are typically recorded in ancient scripture or oral traditions of the god’s cult. In this day and age, many of the gods of the Ancient’s (OG Forgotten Realms) have long since passed, or become subsumed by other deities.
The vast majority of the deities listed below are considered ‘greater deities’, which is a relative rank on cosmic power between gods. Many of the greater deities have powerful servants or closely allied lesser divinities.


General Pantheon

Gods and goddesses here are worshiped in many cultures and by many races. Even gods like Gruumsh One-Eye, who heads the Orc Pantheon, has many names and aspects outside of his ancestral orc traditions. Gruumsh is the chief god of war, battle, and strength, across many cultures. To humans and other “civilized” races, Gruumsh One-Eye is often called Talos. Talos typically personifies tempestuos battle, and has no racial connotation or association with orcs. Similarly, Gruumsh is revered as the malicious god Malar as well, here personified as an enemy of civilization.

Amaunator Morninglord, Lord of Light and Champion of Humanity. Under this divinity, the burgeoning Empire of the Sun has come to rule the many Human realms scattered around the Sea of Fallen Stars. The Faithful long ago organized the orthodox practice of their religion, in addition to confirming their imperialist ambitions, this also allowed them to better evangelize their cosmic mission. That being, to achieve a world in which Amaunator, Lord of Light and Greatest of Gods, was hailed as the King of Gods. As such a rule could only serve to benefit thefjsgkjgjsikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikik

Within the borders of the Empire, the people of the Realms have been increasingly enamored with the idea of their benevolent and all-powerful god. As such, the Faithful organized the orthodox practice of their religion in order to better evangelize their cosmic mission – a world in which Amaunator, Lord of Light and Greatest of Gods, is hailed as King of the Gods.

While the Blessed Lord of Light tolerates the veneration of his associate deities, and that of his closest ally, Asmodeus, few other deities are openly worshiped in his lands. Outside of obvious opposition from the forces of Evil and Darkness, such as the Morninglord’s eternal hatred of Bane and Shar, the cults of Amaunator and Mystryl have long persecuted one-another.
Portfolio – Creativity, Fire, Knowledge, Light, Purity.
Associates – Waukeen, Milil, Chauntea, Tempus, Bahamut

Despite the foul profanity that comprises the primordial Goaler of the Damned, Asmodeus has carved out an impressive niche in the divine hierarchy of the Realms. Most impressively is the place the Lord of Hell occupies within the theology of Amaunator. Scripture tells the tale of the Prince of Nessus, portraying the fallen celestial, Asmodeus, as a necessary evil. A creature first made to combat the ravening hordes of the Abyss, but later one who turned to follow a darker path. The Lord of the Pit is now regarded as a just punisher of the damned, another being which does the will of the Lord of Light. As such, the law-abiding cultists of Asmodeus are tolerated within the borders of the Empire. However, those who openly worship the Lord of Hell typically face persecution in most places.
Portfolio – Judgement, Sin, Tyranny
Associates – Lords of the Nine

The Black Hand was once a feared god of tyranny and law, but his desperate ascent into his current status as a greater deity of the Realms has not left him ???. Having stolen and murdered his way into power, Bane earned the personal ire of innumerable deities. As such, the Mad King retreated into the windswept plains of the Supreme Throne in hiding. Here, many legends diverge, naming either Asmodeus or Amaunator responsible for sealing the Supreme Throne. Regardless, servants of both of these deities still hunt the Lord of the Edge and his Umbral Court.
Portfolio – Assassination, Evil, Hatred, Murder, Strife, Violence.
Courtiers – Loviatar, Talona, Velsharoon

Portfolio – Patron of the Orcs, Gruumsh stands for the destruction of all law and civilization.
Primary – Talos, Malar
Vassals – Orc Pantheon, Umberlee.

Lord of the Dead

Mother of Demons

The Autumn King, Lord of Bones.
Enemy with Bane and Shar, planning a great End.
Portfolio – Death, Decay, Time, Wasting
Servants – Jergal

To the elves she is called by her oldest name, Sehanine Moonbow, but others, the younger races of the Realms, the Goddess has many names and titles. Often called, the Mother of Magic, the Seer, the Silver Lady, the Muse, Our Lady of Spells, the Hidden One, the Moonmaider, and many more. But most commonly, the Goddess is known as Mystryl, the Lady of Mysteries.
The Lady of Mysteries is a primordial deity of moon, magic, and mysticism, she governs the Weave – the source of all mortal magic. Within the scriptures of Amaunator, the Goddess is viewed as representative of the hubris and treachery inherent to the arcane arts. As such, her cult is often unwelcome in lands governed by the Faithful. Indeed, many records concur with Church of Amaunator and agree that the Goddess was once responsible for several great cataclysms in ages passed.
Portfolio – Craft, Dreams, Magic, Moon, Navigation, Questers, Song, Spellcasters, Spells, Stars, Time, Wanderers, the Weave.
Allies – Azuth, Deneir, Istishia, Oghma, the Wind King.

Portfolio – Darkness, Death, Calamity, Forgetfulness, Loss, Secrets.
Servants – Auril, Mask, Zehir

THE WIND KING (lesser deity)
Portfolio –

Elven Pantheon – The Seldarine

Portfolio – A goddess of the arts, akin to the Greek Muses.
Primary – Angharradh, Hanali Celanil
Secondary – Aerdire Faenya / Akadi
Vassals – Sharess, Taralen

Portfolio – The most warlike of the Seldarine, the Hunter-God.
Vassals – Solonar, Sheverash, Fenmarel, Erevan

Portfolio – Greater divinity of nature, representative of natural balance and purity.
Primary – Silvanus, Mielikki
Vassals – Amlaurul Moonflower, Titania, Grumbar

Portfolio – Divine order and patterns of creation, chief deity of magic.
Primary – Mystryl, Enoreth
Vassals – Druanna, Mythrien, Deep Sashelas, Letheranil, Sotheril

Dwarven Pantheon – The Morndinsamman

Remains largely unchanged from the list found here.

Gnome Pantheon – Lords of the Golden Hills

Remains largely unchanged from the list found here.

Halfling Pantheon – Yondalla’s Children

Remains largely unchanged from the list found here.

Orc Pantheon – The First Horde

Remains largely unchanged from the list found here

TA’MII (demigod)
The patron Pit Fiend of the Orcs of Pillar, after several generations of the creature’s tyranny Ta’mii has cultivated a rabid following of orcs and tanarukk. Under the fiend’s guidance

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Faiths of the Realms

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