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STAY AWHILE AND LISTEN, this is where I’ll be (slowly) storing all of the relevant background information for the two Pathfinder games I’m running: Rise of the Runelords and Hell’s Rebels. However, Hell’s Rebels has gone far, far off the rails so there will be relatively more notes for that campaign. There will likely be some minor connections between the two adventures.

And please, my baby players, feel free to edit pages and contribute. This DOES require an account, and to be invited to the game (I think). I know that’s a lot of work, but I have a dream.
I can also just copypasta things you’ve written for me.

Rule Changes
Here’s a list of alterations to the Pathfinder rules I’ve decided to use. The general reasoning behind these changes is that the cost of taking some feats (eg. spring attack) is relatively high compared to the value they confer to the player. The changes hopefully alleviate those problems, without overpowering or unbalancing other classes.
Take a look, and if a feat you have is on this list feel free to swap it out!

Homebrew Rulings
Touch Spells
Casters may hold the charge of a touch spell for 1 round plus 1 round per caster level (1+1/CL). After this time expires the touch spell dissipates and the caster loses the benefits of the held spell.


Kintargo – The Silver City
City Stats
Discovering Kintargo
Locations of Interest
Factions of Kintargo

The Silver Ravens
Blanq of Kintargo
Korliss the Divider
Miss Meowsers

Denizens of Kintargo
Paracount Barzillai Thrune
The Dog Whisperer
Laria Longroad
Mayor Jilia Bainilus
Rexus Victocora
The Rose of Kintargo

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